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Journées SL2R
(Strasbourg, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Reims)



Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine

June 9 - 10, 2016

Université de Lorraine
Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine
Ile du Saulcy, Bâtiment A
57045 METZ Cedex 01

Organizing Committee: Philippe Bonneau, Salah Mehdi, Angela Pasquale
Scientific Committee: Khalid Koufany, Martin Olbrich, Michael Pevzner, Hubert Rubenthaler
This workshop is possible thanks to the support of the Université de Lorraine, the UFR MIM, the Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine (IECL, UMR CNRS 7502) and the GDR CNRS "Théorie de Lie Algébrique et Géométrique" (TLAG).


Michel DUFLO (Université Paris VII)
Toshiyuki KOBAYASHI (University of Tokyo)
Martin OLBRICH (University of Luxembourg)
Pavle PANDZIC (University of Zagreb)
Michael PEVZNER (Université de Reims)
Tomasz PRZEBINDA (University of Oklahoma and Université de Lorraine)
Michelle VERGNE (Université Paris VII)
David VOGAN (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Genkai ZHANG (Chalmers and Göteborg University)
Roger ZIERAU (Oklahoma State University and Université de Lorraine)


Conferences:   Bâtiment UFR MIM, Amphi Hermite
Thursday, June 9,2016
13:40-13:45 Welcome and Opening Remarks
13:45-14:35 Toshiyuki KOBAYASHI: Branching problems and symmetry breaking operators
14:45-15:40 Michael PEVZNER: Symmetry breaking operators for differential forms
15:45-16:20 Coffee Break
16:20-17:15 Martin OLBRICH: TBA
17:20-18:15 Pavle PANDZIC: A generalization of Dirac index
19:30 ?? Dinner:

Friday, June 10, 2016
8:30-9:25 Michèle VERGNE: Equivariant index of Dirac operators
9:30-10:25 Roger ZIERAU: Characteristic cycles of highest weight Harish-Chandra modules
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:55 Genkai ZHANG: Boundary value problem for some conformal invariant differential operators
12:00-12:55 Tomasz PRZEBINDA: The character and the wave front set correspondence in the stable range
13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
14:30-15:25 Michel DUFLO: On the restriction of discrete series of a real reductive Lie group to a subgroup locally isomorphic to SL(2,R)
15:30-16:25 David VOGAN: Langland parameters and finite-dimensional representations

Titles and abstracts of the conferences: [PDF version]

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(last updated Mai 20, 2016)
  1. Alexandre AFGOUSTIDIS (Université Paris VII and Université Paris IX-Dauphine)
  2. Clara ALDANA (Université du Luxembourg)
  3. Nicolas ARANCIBIA (Université Paris Diderot)
  4. Gilles BECKER (Université du Luxembourg)
  5. Said BENAYADI (Université de Lorraine)
  6. Salem BENSAID (Université de Lorraine)
  7. Wolfgang BERTRAM (Université de Lorraine)
  8. Maciej BOCHENSKI (University of Warmia and Mazury)
  9. Philippe BONNEAU (Université de Lorraine)
  10. Sofiane BOUARROUDJ (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
  11. Jean-Louis CLERC (Université de Lorraine)
  12. Michel DUFLO (Université Paris VII)
  13. Lucas FRESSE (Université de Lorraine)
  14. Nicolas GINOUX (Université de Lorraine)
  15. Karmen GRIZELJ (University of Zagreb)
  16. Josip GRGURIC (University of Zagreb)
  17. Janne-Kathrin GÜNTHER (Université du Luxembourg et université de Lorraine)
  18. Pascale HARINCK (CNRS-CMLS Ecole polytechnique)
  19. Wei HONG (University of Luxembourg)
  20. Toshiyuki KOBAYASHI (University of Tokyo)
  21. Khalid KOUFANY (Université de Lorraine)
  22. Hrvoje KRALIJEVIC (University of Zagreb)
  23. Toshihisa KUBO (Ryukoku University)
  24. Job KUIT (Paderborn University)
  25. Camille LAURENT-GENGOUX (Université de Lorraine)
  26. Hichem LASSOUED (Université de Lorraine)
  27. Gang LIU (Université de Lorraine)
  28. Jean LUDWIG (Université de Lorraine)
  29. Mohsen MASMOUDI (Université de Lorraine)
  30. Gérard MAXIME (Université de Lorraine)
  31. Salah MEHDI (Université de Lorraine)
  32. Philippe MEYER (Université de Strasbourg)
  33. Yosuke MORITA (University of Tokyo)
  34. Rafael MRDEN (University of Zagreb)
  35. Victor NISTOR (Université de Lorraine)
  36. Martin OLBRICH (University of Luxembourg)
  37. Pavle PANDZIC (University of Zagreb)
  38. Angela PASQUALE (Université de Lorraine)
  39. Paul-Emile PARADAN (IMAG, Université de Montpellier)
  40. Aprameyan PARTHASARATHY (Paderborn University)
  41. Emmanuel PEDON (Université de Reims)
  42. Michael PEVZNER (Université de Reims)
  43. Ana PRLIC (University of Zagreb)
  44. Nicolas PRUDHON (Université de Lorraine)
  45. Maarten van PRUIJSSEN (Universität Paderborn)
  46. Tomasz PRZEBINDA (University of Oklahoma et Université de Lorraine)
  47. David RENARD (Ecole Polytechnique)
  48. Guy ROUSSEAU (Université de Lorraine)
  49. Hubert RUBENTHALER (Université de Strasbourg)
  50. Thomas SKILL (Bochum University of Applied Sciences)
  51. Alesky TRALLE (University of Warmia and Mazury)
  52. Yahya TURKI (Université de Lorraine)
  53. Harald UPMEIER (University of Marburg)
  54. Michelle VERGNE (Université Paris VII)
  55. David VOGAN (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  56. Yannick VOGLAIRE (Université du Luxembourg)
  57. Tilmann WURZBACHER (Université de Lorraine)
  58. Rupert Wei Tze YU (Université de Reims)
  59. Genkai ZHANG (Chalmers and Göteborg University)
  60. Roger ZIERAU (Oklahoma State University et Université de Lorraine)
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To register for these Journées, please fill out the following form and send it by email to: Mrs. Claude Coppin (, with a cc to Angela Pasquale (, at your earliest convenience before May 20, 2016.

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Attendance is free but registration is required by the deadline for logistical planning (seating, refreshments, etc.).

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Conference Secretary:
Mrs. Claude Coppin
IECL, Université de Lorraine, Bàt. A, Ile du Saulcy, 57045 Metz-Cedex 01
Phone: +33 (0)3 87 31 53 43 - Fax: (+33) (0)3 87 54 72 72
Additional Information:
For further information, please contact one of the organizers: Philippe Bonneau, Salah Mehdi or Angela Pasquale